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Weight management

Our weight management program is like not a 'weight loss' program. We help you 'manage your weight'. Not 'lose your weight'. When you lose something you miss it and you go looking for it again. Most people who 'lose weight' gains that weight again. Our program is not about fad diets, strenuous exercise and going on protein or full carb diets. We address your weight issue at the root of its cause. We address the core issue that caused you to gain weight and it is almost 99% of the time related an issue in your child hood years.

It is like baking a perfect cake. You need to have all the right ingredients to make that perfect cake. Similar to when you need to manage weight, you need to have many different ingredients to make it happen. We first find out what is the 'root cause' to your weight gain. We address those issues and re program your sub conscious mind to change your thought patterns. We work with you to replace your thought pattern that caused you to gain weight.

'You cannot solve a problem with the same mind set that created it'

Once we find the cause we can replace that with new programming through hypnosis. We can also eliminate any 'bad food habits' or beliefs you have. We can totally change your mind set and replace it with a healthy alternatives for you. This a very powerful program, yet it is not an overnight cure for your weight issue. If you believe that 'weight management ' is a 6 month program or even a 12 month program, then you are living in a fantasy world. Weight management is a lifetime commitment, yet once you reprogram your sub conscious mind, it will be a part of your lifestyle. Weight management and living a healthy life - is a lifestyle. it is not a short course or ritual.

Overweight and obesity is a combination of unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of motivation, lack enthusiasm, lack of self confidence & self esteem, emotional trauma or issues during early years of life and may even be due to ‘not liking your self’., which is poor self image.
We believe that as a result of emotional trauma / issues during childhood, your energy system may not be fully opened and balanced. This is a major cause of extreme weight gain as well as extreme weight lose.

We help you identify the reasons you keep adding extra kilos which makes you feel sad, unhappy, un-sociable, and eventually feel depressed about it.

Our take control of your life program together with hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind, we help people to remove their road blocks to live the life they desire.

We have helped people who were just weeks away from having surgery to halve their stomach with 'Gastric sleeves' or gastric bypass. We have changed their lives around to change their mind set, to take control and to live a healthier life with all the organs intact to enjoy this beautiful country and live life to the fullest.

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Loving Your Heart

A book you must have on your Coffee table!!!

Loving Your Heart is written for everyone to understand how to avoid that 'heart attack' we think that will never happen to us! It explains how the heart works, what causes heart disease, how to identify risk factors that contribute towards heart disease and ways to reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

This easy to understand book is your guide to healthy living. How to identify your risk factors for heart disease to make positive lifestyle changes that suits you, to live a healthy, happy and long life more

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