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Meditation Programs from Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat

Meditation is fast becoming a daily ritual in the western world. More people are searching for that calmness and peace in their lives. Through meditation you can fi
nd ways to manage stresses in life to adopt a more calmer approach to life's challenges to live a peaceful happy and linger life.

What is ‘meditation’? Is it a religious ritual? Is it like some sort of a ‘trans’? Who can meditate? What happens when you meditate?

We have the answers to all your questions on meditation. Meditation is simply ‘stilling the mind’. Having control over your mind. No, it is not a religious ritual. Yet, Buddhism is based on meditation. Lord Buddha meditated for years to find the ‘TRUTH’. Truth about life. Anyone at any age can meditate. There are numerous benefits from meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Some of the many benefits from meditation are, being able to control your thoughts, your words and your actions. In this ever changing and stressful society where anger & aggression is escalating we need to promote meditation for a calmer life. As you learn to meditate you will be able to manifest what ever you want in your life, by having control of your thought patterns you can create a magnificent life. You will experience miracles in daily life. Miracles take place every day. You will learn to recognise miracles and take the opportunities in life. With meditation you will have more control over your emotions, your responses and your reaction to any situation in life. This is so very powerful.

There are many forms & methods of meditation. There different effects one can experience through meditation. Depending on what goals you have in life you can choose what type of meditation would profit you. 

Meditation Programs at Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat

Our program in meditation will simplify different kinds of meditation and how you can benefit from them. We will help you to choose the most comfortable as well as appropriate method of meditation that will suit your life style, you as a person and what would bring you the results you want in your life.

We encourage you to make meditation a daily practice to reap the desired benefits for you. Practice of meditation is proven to benefit children of all ages as well to help them with school work / learning as well as behavioral challenges and self esteem. Calmer, happy and stable home environment will have long term effects on a child’s life. Contact us to register

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From meditation springs wisdom. From lack of meditation, loss of wisdom. Recognising these alternative roads of progress and decline, one should so direct oneself so that one's wisdom will increase ~ Lord Buddha

Never Mistake knowledge for wisdom. One makes you make a living, the other helps you make a Life…. Sandra Carey

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