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Heal your Heart - and Heal your Life

Healing your Heart is of paramount importance if you want to live life to the fullest.
It is not only for people who suffer from heart disease, but for ALL..

Your heart is the centre of your 'Being'. Your heart energy point can get blocked from emotional issues we all suffer in today's world. There is no one person who is has not experienced hurt, pain, sadness, loneliness, anger or any other negative emotions in life. Your Heart is not just a physical organ that pumps blood around the body - it is also your Emotional and Spiritual Centre.

Our Heart healing program is powerful and empowering. If you have encountered any negative emotions in life - then your heart energy point may be blocked. Click here to contact us for more information

We believe that most diseases are lifestyle diseases. 

It is your lifestyle, your mind set, your personality, your upbringing as well the way you approach life as a whole may have some factors contributing towards illnesses and diseases. Harboring negative emotions, or the inability to express love also can contribute towards ill health.

Heal your past with energy cleansing & balance 

How to heal your heart after a heart attack

Heart attacks can happen to anyone at anytime. Following a heart attack you may have a stent inserted to your artery that caused the damage to your heart muscle or they even do Coronary artery bypass grafts to bypass the blockage in your heart arteries.

Whatever you have, recovery after a heart attack can be quite daunting for most. Some may get angry, sad or depressed. Knowing, how close they were to death as well as feeling isolated can be fearful. many would suffer from anxiety/panic attacks whenever they get stressed thinking that they could have another attack.

Unlike any other illness, when you are recovering from a heart attack, it can be difficult not only for the patient but also for the family and loved ones. Family can also feel anxious as well as feel guilty for not taking care of your health. Men specially can get quite depressed as they feel that they have let their families down and if something happens to them, the whole family will struggle emotionally as well as financially.

Things that you can do to feel better and uplifting during recovery phase of a cardiac event.

1) Set some goals for next 6 months

2) Stay focused to achieve your goals

3) Get some dietary advice from a professional

4) Heal your past hurts and pains

5) Forgive and let go of your past (forgiveness doesn't mean that what they did was that right)

6) you simply accept them for who they are 

7) understand why things happen in life

8) Stay positive and calm

9) Know that you are a powerful being and you have the power to do what ever you like!!


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Loving Your Heart

A book you must have on your Coffee table!!!

Loving Your Heart is written for everyone to understand how to avoid that 'heart attack' we think that will never happen to us! It explains how the heart works, what causes heart disease, how to identify risk factors that contribute towards heart disease and ways to reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

This easy to understand book is your guide to healthy living. How to identify your risk factors for heart disease to make positive lifestyle changes that suits you, to live a healthy, happy and long life more

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