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Women & Heart disease

In today's society women suffer from heart attacks just as much as men.

Common beliefs was that Heart attacks happened to only 'old men' - well it is not so now.
With modern day lifestyle and stressors men and women run the same risks of having heart disease and dying from a sudden heart attack. Quite often, heart attacks gives no warning! Your warning is how you live your life!

Despite modern technologies and sophisticated methods of treatment for heart disease - this silent killer still is the number one killer in the whole world! It is not only unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise that increases people's risks for heart disease - it is also emotions such as stress, anger, hurt, sadness, loneliness and disappointments can also contribute to a untimely death from a sudden heart attack.

 Healing your heart from emotional issues is the first step to breaking this vicious cycle caused by heart disease.
Learn to forgive and let go of your past hurts pains and sadness to heal your heart from emotional blockages.

Our innovative HEART HEALING program is the first most powerful healing program that has changed many people's lives.

Healing your heart will release you from many emotional blockages and free you to enjoy your life to the fullest.
Forgiveness is a powerful tool - yet you cannot forgive people until you understand why things happened the way they do.

We carefully explain to you how you can release these emotions and heal your heart to live life to the fullest.

If you struggle with hurt, pain, sadness, loneliness, anger issues, depression and would like to heal your heart or require more information please contact us - at Peris Cardiac health & Lifestyle Retreat - Berrigan NSW Australia  

More details in 'Loving Your Heart' book order your copy NOW


If you suspect that you have symptoms of a heart attack, please call for an ambulance immediately. Please do not drive your car.

The Emergency number for Australia is ~ 000

If you wish to speak with a Triage nurse
Call Medibank Health Solutions on
1800 022 222
24hr / 7 days week service

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Loving Your Heart

A book you must have on your Coffee table!!!

Loving Your Heart is written for everyone to understand how to avoid that 'heart attack' we think that will never happen to us! It explains how the heart works, what causes heart disease, how to identify risk factors that contribute towards heart disease and ways to reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

This easy to understand book is your guide to healthy living. How to identify your risk factors for heart disease to make positive lifestyle changes that suits you, to live a healthy, happy and long life more

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