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Heart 2 Heart Programs from Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle is your individual choice.
Maintaining your wellbeing is a lifetime commitment that will fulfil your dreams in every aspect of your life.

At Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat, we work with you as a PERSON. Not just your weight or your diet or your lifestyle. We help you set achievable goals for yourself and help you work towards them with support, guidance and advice. Your first session is complimentary to enable you to find out how best we can help you and for us to design a program to suit you

To be healthy and fit you need to have your body, mind & soul balanced. Not just your body. That is where lot of fitness centres, weight management programs and fad diets fail.

Your mind & soul are very much a part of you. Most people tend to ignore these and just think that they are only a BODY, and they do everything to make the body look beautiful, attractive & healthy.

A healthy body with an unhealthy mind & soul will not do well. Same as an unhealthy body with a healthy mind & soul will not do well either. Therefore you need to balance all these areas to achieve your ultimate fitness, health and wellbeing.

We help you to identify your needs at the level of your body, your mind & your soul. When you work with us as a ‘whole person’ you can achieve your goals and reach your dream life with ease.

When you work with your mind - conscious & subconscious, you can reprogram it to create the life you want. When you work at the level of your soul you transform your life to something beautiful, something you have been dreaming of.

It is very simple and you will enjoy the process. It is easier and more effective than spending hours at the local gym or getting a personal trainer to help you lose weight. This is your ultimate weight management program without fad diets and hours of hard work at the gym. We work with the power of your mind to achieve your ultimate goal and the perfect body.

A health & Lifestyle coach is someone who guides you to maintain good health & wellbeing. We work with you on one-on-one basis to optimize your Health & Wellbeing over a period of time. We provide you with the necessary education, advice & guidance for you to live a healthy & happy life. Click here to learn more about our coaching series

Our primary aim is to
Restore & optimize your health & wellbeing, to  enable you to enjoy life with longevity, vibrant health and success. 

Benefits of a Health & Lifestyle coaching Program
Health Coaching helps you to maintain wellness instead of managing disease.

What are the goals we work with?
We work with YOUR ultimate Health & Wellness goals to help you achieve optimal health & wellbeing.

Why would people choose a Health & Wellness coach?
To be guided in the right direction towards optimal health, by a  Health professional.

Health Coaching will help you
Reach optimal heart health & wellness with guidance & professional advice and for you to be accountable for your actions.

Our Programs are Your Lifestyle

If you are serious about optimizing your health & wellbeing or seeking professional guidance to manage your body weight, blood pressure, heart health, stress or negative emotions ~

Please contact us today - 03 5885 2559 or +  0400 719 093 (Australia)

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Loving Your Heart

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Loving Your Heart is written for everyone to understand how to avoid that 'heart attack' we think that will never happen to us! It explains how the heart works, what causes heart disease, how to identify risk factors that contribute towards heart disease and ways to reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

This easy to understand book is your guide to healthy living. How to identify your risk factors for heart disease to make positive lifestyle changes that suits you, to live a healthy, happy and long life more

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