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Energy Healing at Peris Cardiac Health & Wellness Retreat

Unblock you hidden potentials and live the life you are meant to live ~

Is it time for a NEW YOU?

For a total wellness experience, forget about others and just think about YOU - and the perfect way to do this is with our unique & innovative Energy Balancing & Healing Program
Is your past holding you back?? Most people think that their past has no effect on their present lifestyle! Read on to know where you are right now in life....

Firstly, answer the following questions:
    Do you feel that you can do so much, yet something is holding you back?   

    Do you suffer from anxiety or mild depression or mental health issues?

    Do you feel that you can do better, yet you feel stuck in life?

    Do you feel that you put off things and never complete tasks?

    Do you feel overwhelmed a lot of the time?

    Do you get 'stressed out' often?

Do you lack confidence when it comes to talking to people?

    Do you feel that no matter what you do, you cannot save money or have enough money to live     your 
dream life?

    Do you feel that you are always struggling with weigh issues?

    Do you continue to have 'dysfunctional' relationships?

    Do you want to know why you struggle with money, or love or relationships?


If you have answered yes to a least 3 of these questions, it's time to take responsibility for your life and take steps towards healing your past and embrace the transformation you deserve. Time for a NEW YOU! Contact us for more info
You are not alone! Most people struggle with these issues due to past emotions - until we learn to understand why things happened the way they did - life is a struggle for many people. Take control of your life NOW -
enquire now

          "Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity" -  Hippocrates

click here to learn more about Human Energy System (Chakras) and how to heal your past

Session Duration

Depending on the areas that need attention. Our sessions are tailored to dissolve your issues - therefore session duration and number of sessions may vary.  On an average a session are usually between 2-3 hours and the full program consist of 3 sessions to maintain focus and get the maximum benefit.

Group sessions as well retreats available following discussion at your initial consultation.
Meditation...learn more about how meditation can enhance your wellbeing 

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Loving Your Heart

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Loving Your Heart is written for everyone to understand how to avoid that 'heart attack' we think that will never happen to us! It explains how the heart works, what causes heart disease, how to identify risk factors that contribute towards heart disease and ways to reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

This easy to understand book is your guide to healthy living. How to identify your risk factors for heart disease to make positive lifestyle changes that suits you, to live a healthy, happy and long life more

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