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Energy Cleansing & Balancing Program from Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat

No matter, who you are, where you are born or what colour skin you have .... YOU have an energy system within your body. Similar to having a cardiovascular system, a respiratory system or digestive system, our energy system is also a vital part of our 'BEING'. Blockages in our energy system can be related to issues from the past. Not recognizing where these blockages are, can lead to people suffering from various conditions that will progressively get worse and eventually cause our demise. Human energy system is very powerful and is an integral part of our being. Let me briefly explain what Energy Healing is about ...

Our Energy Healing program is based on recognising where your blockages are and releasing these to unblock your physical, mental and emotional issues that you may have encountered during early years of life, to enable you to live life with clarity, focus and integrity. Most people like to 'believe' that their past has no effect on their current way of living.  People sometimes are in a illusion that they have resolved their past. It is difficult for you to progress in life, when your energy system is blocked,.... it is like trying to drive a car with your hand brakes on. You know you want to go forward, yet you cannot. It seems like something is holding you back.

Our program is unique in this field. We have combined energy cleansing and balancing with a hypnosis session which takes you through your childhood years and guiding you to release whatever that is holding you back and/or causing ill health.

This is a unique creation of combining Western & Eastern mind set, culture and belief system in to a healing session through a light level of hypnosis - this most innovative healing process is created by the founder and the director of the Health & Lifestyle Retreat ~ Angela Peris

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If you like to know what 'Human Energy System is about .. read on..


Human Energy System (Chakras)

There are 7 major Energy points and 21 minor Energy points in the human body.  These seven major energy points are located within our bodies and they run vertically from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Minor energy points are what acupuncturists and Myotherapists use for other healing modalities.

Human Energy System is fast becoming recognized in the western world for holistic healthcare. Understanding the Energy system has many benefits. Once you understand the principles and the functions of the energy system, you will have the tools to enhance your physical health, emotional balance & mental well being. Learning how to work with the energy system can balance and heal your body, mind and spirit. This can totally transform your life.

When Energy system is balanced and the energy is running freely through these energy points then we experience health, vitality and wellbeing. When these energy points are blocked or when the flow is inhibited then we experience illness, disease and mental and physical imbalances. Blockages in the energy system could be due to a traumatic life event, or physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse during childhood or any kind of emotional trauma that may have occurred during the time that particular energy point was developing.   Each energy point develops at different stages in life. Therefore most illnesses & diseases relate to your physical, mental & emotional issues that you have encountered during early years of your life.

The energy points are related to the areas of your body where the are located.

The Seven Major Energy points are;
1) Base energy point ~ located at the base of your spine
      2) Sacral energy point ~ located 2 inches below your belly button
      3) Solar Plexus energy point ~ located just below the rib cage
      4) Heart energy point ~ located behind the physical heart
      5) Throat energy point ~ located in the throat
      6) Brow energy point ~ located in the middle of your forehead
      7) Crown energy point ~ located at the top of the head

Each energy point is associated with your physical, emotional & mental issues as well as the organs that are close to that energy point.

For example any trauma/abuse during first 8 years of life can cause many health issues including back or leg problems, overweight issues as well as large bowel problems like constipation, diarrhoeal and emotional or mental issues like lack of direction / focus or clarity in life, poor time management as well as depression, anxiety panic attacks and addictive behaviours.

We can tell you where your blockages are just by talking with you and help you identify these to release and unblock your energy flow.

During a session of Energy Healing you may experience unblocking of these energy points with some release of emotions or concerns that you may have had from your past and feel like you have just off loaded a heavy load you were carrying on your shoulders for years! You will feel FREE  and LIGHT! and totally ENERGIZED to live your true dream life!!

If you would like to know what is causing the illness or disease or emotional or mental issues you are experiencing,
call Angela on:  +61 3 5885 2559 or 61 400 719 093

Don't tell us what is wrong with you...Let us tell you what is wrong and help you heal from within

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are... Rachel Naomi Remen

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