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“I am one, but still I am one
I cannot do everything, but I can do something
Because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do that something I can do” ~  Helen Keller


Angela Peris ~ Founder & Director of Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat

Who is Angela Peris :  

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Born in Colombo Sri Lanka, Angela’s professional background started  as an Intensive and Coronary Care nurse, trained in a major teaching Hospital, in Sydney Australia. Angela has worked in many public and private health care facilities throughout Sydney. After working as a Critical care nurse for over 30 years, Angela ventured out to dedicate her life to fulfil her purpose in life – to make a difference in people’s lives.

   A spiritual healer and a visionary, she searched for the value of a Human life – spiritually and philosophically Angela has revealed the 4 dimensions of our life with clarity, focus and integrity. The body, the mind, the soul and the Spirit, that a Human life is about, has a greater value than we realize. Her paramount intention is to bring peace to our world. When we learn about our lives and know how to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy soul and a healthy spirit we connect to each other at a higher vibrational level that allow us to experience unconditional love to ourselves and other beings and enjoy a BLISSFUL state.

With western medical knowledge Angela has a deep understanding of how our systems work and what makes them break down. She says that western medicine alone has failed to find solutions to most health issues people suffer in today's society. Through her experience as a critical care nurse over the past 35years she realises that people are struggling with various co-morbidities, yet medications has offered them no solutions out of their miseries. Angela feels that negative emotions and blockages in our energy system can contribute towards many illnesses and disease like heart disease, lung diseases, endocrine conditions, cancer, auto immune diseases as well as mental health issues.. Angela adopts a ‘Holistic approach’ to beating illnesses and diseases with simple lifestyle changes


Today, she has developed an innovative program to 'Heal your Past' and remove the road blocks that stops you from progressing in life. With a strong understanding and a connection with her spirituality she is able to recognise your blockages and help you heal from within. This most powerful program is a unique creation that Angela has designed through spiritual guidance and support.

Angela is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She is caring, compassionate and a good listener. She says  “no two people are the same, I treat everyone differently, everyone is unique in their own way… and I recognise that, and treat people for who they truly are”. 

Angela has studied the Human energy system and as an energy movement healer she reveals the power of the human energy system that reflects on our physical, mental and emotional aspects that governs our lives - which - if not balanced may contribute to illnesses and diseases that we suffer, in today’s society.

As the Author of Loving your Heart, Angela reveals the physical aspect of the heart and how important it is to look after this beautiful organ – your heart.

Angela expresses the aspect of the heart as a major human energy source that connects us with our physical and spiritual lives which is the power that lies within us as a supreme human being. In her program, she shows how to use this power that is within you to live life to the fullest and experience the Joy, the happiness that we are all seeking. This program will empower you, enlighten you and allow you to view life as a wonderful experience, no matter where you are or who you are - today.

Therefore, as a Health & Lifestyle Coach and an Energy movement Healer she is committed to health education and awareness through workshops, seminars as well as one to one consultations and group retreats to empower people of all ages and all walks of life, to live a more fulfilling life.


We have everything we need, to do everything we want to do”
~ Angela Peris
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